Get smart about your data

My name is Aidan Finn. Windmill Labs is my consulting company. I help businesses take control of their analytics and data. I help people leverage their data to make smarter business decisions. I use machine-learning and data-mining to build smarter web-apps.

Why would you want to work with me? Well...

I've been helping people build web apps for the last 10 years. In that time I've worked with companies ranging from new startups to Fortune-500 companies. I also have a Phd in machine learning. I've published papers in academic journals and conferences. But I'm not just a theoretician. I understand how to practically apply that theory in the real-world. I've worked on real-world systems that leverage data-mining and machine-learning on some of the worlds busiest websites. Here are some testimonials from people I've worked with recently.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, you should consider hiring me. Here's my email address. Let's talk about your project.

Some things I can help you with...

Machine Learning and Data Mining

I love building systems that integrate machine learning and I've worked on several apps that are leverage data to make better decisions. If you're not sure how you can leverage your data, or if you want to integrate a machine-learning component into your app, get in touch and lets have a chat about it.

Building a web app

Finding someone skilled, reliable and experienced to build your web app is tough. I've built lots of web-apps. I can build your web-app from start-to-end and my experience can guide you through the process.

Rails app maintenance

Maybe you already have an rails app, but you need someone to maintain it or update it. I've been building apps using ruby on rails since 2005. I've taken abandoned and broken rails projects and brought them back to life. I have lots of experience jumping into large complex codebases, figuring out how they work, and updating them to meet new requirements.


Aidan is a highly experienced engineer and computer scientist. Extremely capable and thorough with his work.

Eoghan McCabe, CEO at Intercom

Aidan built the first version of OneSpot's customer-facing web interface, a key component of our software infrastructure. Not only did Aidan do an excellent job (both outwardly and behind the scenes), but we was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Ian Clarke, Co-founder and CTO, OneSpot.

Aidan was brought on to refactor the API behind Chronogolf's Golf Club management software. He did a fantastic job and was absolutely great as a teammate. Aidan also helped in implementing process around our development allowing us to increase the quality of our work across the board.

Conor Wade, Co-founder and CTO, Chronogolf

Aidan built the first version of our popular a/b testing capability. Despite working remotely, he influenced others in the team with the quality of his work and the tools and approaches he used.

Darragh Curran, VP of Engineering, Intercom


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